Method and apparatus for the thermoforming and stacking of hollow objects incorporating a base formed from thermoplastics sheet material


A method for the thermoforming of hollow objects having a base from a sheet of thermoplastics material, which effects in one single predetermined operating cycle, the production of a pressed object by hot forming and cutting out of the object or objects between one half of a movable double female mould which is located in the forming area opposite a male die, movement of the female half of the mould, said half containing therewithin the thermoformed object or objects, towards a corresponding discharge area alternately to one side or the other of the forming area, picking up the object or objects from the female half of the mould located in corresponding discharge area and transferring each object to a plurality of receiving formers of a shape corresponding to the mould, which formers can move sequentially stepwise along a track, sequential movement of the formers to at least one workstation or handling station at the same time as the female mould moves back to place its other half opposite the male die in order to produce a subsequently formed object, and performing at least one processing or handling operation on all the objects carried by at least one former at the same time as the next formed object is produced.




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